Dust collector

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Dust collector

Dust collector for herbal industry

Industrial dust collector

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5 topics for dust collector selection

1.Suitable sizing , dust category , machine property to cover dust collection.

2.Sufficient power for operating airflow and total pressure lost in design system.

3.Safty for installation and during dust collection operation.

4.Save time , energy , labour cost , durability of machine and lower preventive maintenance.

5.Standard of industrial hygiene and safty .

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Food and drug dust collector

How to select the dust collector is the  important content which we 'll let you read more.

It need to know your process of work to select the proper machine for dust collection.


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Chemical dust collector

More detail of cartridge filter dust collector=>

'We are mechanical and electrical contractors. We provide Turn-Key solutions for industrial, commercial ventilation and dust collection projects. There are many potential health hazards when manufacturing products.It is our objective to provide a solution that best fit your need to capture and remove the potential dust, smoke, or fume particulate with the proper equipment available in thai market.' ...more


food dust collector



Food dust collector

Powder dust collector

More detail =>

We start to provide the dust collector unit from european products , US. products , japanese products , China products and Thai products to the market.These are our experience to understand the alternative products to cope with your demand as same as service on those unit which are installed to your process. We can both provide and services on the unit that we install and even your own machine need to service, Preventive maintenance or repairment. ”

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